What always populates business-oriented minds and companiesin strategic decision making is how to make profit and survive.However, with the increase in the awareness of howimportant environmental preservation is, a lot of companies are taking the initiative of becoming more environmentally friendly. If you are a business, then one big decision you should be making now is how to go green; right from reducing your energy consumption to wasting paper. If you look at both the long and short-term returns of green initiatives, you would surely find out there are a lot of benefits to it.

These benefits go beyond just being happy about helping your environment. They equally have a direct impact on your business right from reducing your current and future operational cost to properly streamlining your business processes to make them more efficient. If you want to know how eco-friendly initiatives can benefit your business, read on.


Economic benefits

Other than helping the environment, one big benefit of an eco-friendly initiative is a reduction in cost, especially in the area of energy consumption. Big chemical companies, for instance, can save billions of dollars if they take eco-friendly initiatives by reducing their carbon emissions. If you are a small business owner, you can equally make sure that you turn off lights and computers whenever they are not in use. Instead of using hydro or chemically-produced electricity, you might equally decide to use solar energy as a way of helping the environment. These are all energy saving initiatives that will benefit your business economically and help the world to be a better place.

Brand promotion and publicity

If this company is putting in more efforts to ensure that we live in a clean environment, why not patronize their goods? That’s customers talking back there. If you decide to go green as a business, you can make good use of your public relations and marketing strategies to tell the society how you respect the environment. This could help you retain existing customers as well as win more potential customers.Telling the society about green initiatives you have undertaking like using recycled products and changing your manufacturing process to a more environmentally-friendly one will surely uplift the image of your brand. You can also donate money to societal eco-friendly causes and be sure to get attention from customers.


Get a healthier workplace

A lot of reports, especially the Green Business Bureau website has it that for those businesses that are eco-friendly and promote a healthier workplace, they eventually get about 20 percent decrease in the number of sick days that employees ask for.This brings a reduction in the money paid out as medical benefits and an increase in productivity.Thus, a healthier workplace-oriented business could consider featuring organic food selection in its cafeteria or using eco-friendly industrial and cleaning products.

Availability of tax credit

For companies that make use of environmentally-friendly products as well as use alternative energy sources including solar power, hybrid, and electric automobiles, governments of most companies have a tax credit or a relief for them.

So, these are the myriad of benefits available to you as a business when you take steps towards environmental friendly policies. Don’t let everything ends with just talks, make the move and you would surely enjoy a lot of benefits both in the short-run and in the long-run.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have some interest in green energy, whether you want to make your business greener or simply want to reduce your own personal carbon footprint. That’s great! You’ve come to the right place. In my daily life, I try to always be cognizant of how my activities are effecting the environment

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