Writing an excellent proposal that can beat out qualified competitors, is necessary for winning the best projects and rising your income.

If you have done right, an excellent proposal will make your potential customers want you, even more than you want them.

Even more importantly, you must communicate your personalized solutions in the way your potential customers wants to read it. Whether that is in the body of an email, through online proposal software, via mail, or by using the best contract template, you need to have a clear understanding of who your customer is before you even get the ball rolling.

This deep understanding of your potential customers is a core foundation that has been repeated many times by highly successful entrepreneurs in the business books they have written and online business courses they have taught.

Long before you approach your potential customer, you should have a clear understanding of why they should choose you for the job. This will challenge you to understand the outline, the customer’s individual needs, how your powerful suits will fit into the equation, and exactly how you can achieve the most value. By the time you reach out to them with a proposal, your purpose is to understand their needs inside and out.


What are you doing to surprise them straight out the gates? What makes your email unusual from everybody’s else throwing their hat into the ring for this gig?

A captivating entrance that excites demonstrates you did your research, and delivers actual value, is what will kindle an immediate interest in your potential customer’s mind.

Then, if you can reach your potential customer quickly after they have posted their request for help, you will significantly increase your chances of landing the job.

If you are a writer sending a cold email to open up a line of communication with a potential customer for your blogs writing services, start with a subject line like, “My 6 Steps to Managing Traffic for [Company Name].”

This gives them the instant recognition that you have already spent some time laying out a proposed strategy, and that you have likely done your homework on their business and industry. Need to follow down the email address for the ideal point of contact?

In this initial email, you will touch lightly on each of your steps and continue to weave in how your proven strengths and experience were doing this in the past, will make you the clear choice for this job.

Making a big entrance also means demonstrating your loyalty towards the project. You want to show you have already got some skin in the game.


Whatever the task you are applying to do for a potential customer, it is your job to bond your strengths to that particular job. Learning how to highlight your most engaging abilities for the specific needs of an individual customer is an invaluable ability and one of the most common pieces of advice I give to those who want to start a business of their own.

If you have the marketing experiences to really sell yourself as a strong content marketer and not just a writer, then lean on those strengths—give them proof of the results you have driven for previous blog posts.

If you are targeting a logo design project, make sure you develop on your creative abilities first. Show them that your prior work aligns with the design aesthetic you think they are going for with their rebrand.

If the project is to improve a highly technical neuroscience paper, concentrate on your relevant degrees, and if the possible point to other documents within this space that you have edited in the past.


Unfortunately, not every organization provides a thorough list of questions or expectations for you about their project.

While uncertain project descriptions can be a bit complicated, you should capitalize on these opportunities by showing your knowledge and experience right off the bat. Show your customer that you can recognize their problems and propose solutions proactively and you have already taken a significant step toward closing the deal.

For instance, a general question that I was often asked when applying for new projects as if I’d done this exact type of job in the past. Now, I predict and answer this question before they even have the chance to ask me directly. In my first reach out an email, I will include a link or two over to examples of successful campaigns I have run in the past (demonstrating my ability to replicate these results).


It is fundamental that your portfolio and proven work examples speak for themselves. Make sure you cherry-pick only the best and most appropriate samples to include in your proposal.

Employers are eager to see that you’ve formerly worked on something similar to their project. It makes sense, if you have done this exact type of job in the past, they have a sense of reliability that you will be able to exceed or replicate your results from before.

Pick a couple of excellent samples and link off to them in your reach out an email and within your proposal. Shortly explain in a sentence or two, how your contribution helped the previous customer accomplish their purposes.


Initial impressions are everything, which is why a winning proposal should be aesthetically crisp, pleasing, and well-organized.

Even before potential customers start reading your proposal, they’ll undoubtedly form an attitude towards the content of your work, only by the looks of it. Depending on what you’re proposing, you might need nothing more than a simple MS Word document to state your case, or you might need something attractive to sell your services.

Using these steps to create your proposals, will ensure you are doing all you can to set yourself apart from the competition. Whether your purpose is to land higher paying customers for your existing business or validate your concept for a service offering to get into, starting with a solid foundation of being able to pitch yourself is essential.


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