If you fly over close to the sun, you can get burned. So while the iPhone X took all the opportunities, gained all the hype and suffered the criticism that comes with it, Apple directly positioned the iPhone 8 Plus as a great phone. No surprises, no thrills, and less reason for frustration. That’s why it’s so simple to overlook the fact that the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are excellent phones.



They come equipped with powerful processing abilities, stellar screens, and cameras, good battery lifetime, wireless charging and more. If the iPhone X hadn’t stolen their thunder, they would be in every discussion about the best smartphones of our time. In spite of their greatness, some iPhone 8 Plus problems need to be discussed. Here are common iPhone 8 Plus problems and their solutions on how to cope with them.


Retain your software updated to bypass ordinary iPhone 8 Plus problems


This is a crucial tip: bypass iPhone 8 Plus problems by checking your phone updated to the latest version of iOS 11. The iPhone 8 Plus becomes equipped with the all-new Apple A11 Bionic chip. It is a sizeable hexa-core processor that was launched primarily for this phone (and the iPhone X).



Additionally, the phone was delivered with the new iOS 11 that was built around its beautiful hardware. New advancements in technology take adjusting and time, and the iPhone 8 Plus is no exception.




As with all new iOS releases, it took a few weeks and some patches to get rid of the major bugs. Meanwhile, other iPhone 8 Plus difficulties surfaced instead. As always, there’s a change period in which software updates are usually sent to take care of newly found iPhone 8 update problems.



If you’re experiencing iPhone 8 Plus issues and our iPhone 8 plus troubleshooting guide doesn’t help, learn to check for the latest iOS updates. Even if your phone’s performance feels great, that mustn’t keep you from continually updating your iPhone 8.



Bluetooth connectivity became extra famous ever after the iPhone 7 when Apple got rid of the headphone device. Having iPhone 8 Bluetooth obstacles means you can’t pair your music with your AirPods – which is almost like following a TV with no sound.



When it was first published, many users were lamenting about iPhone 8 Plus Bluetooth problems, but these turned out to be iOS 11 related, rather than an iPhone 8 defect. Thus, make convinced to update your iOS 11 to the latest version to bypass Bluetooth issues. If you’re still feeling iPhone 8 Bluetooth problems, here is how to proceed:



1) Try switching Bluetooth off, rebooting, and using Bluetooth back on again:



Turn off Bluetooth by moving to Settings -> Bluetooth and toggling it off.

Simple reset your iPhone 8 Plus. You can see how to reboot your iPhone 8 Plus in our dedicated iPhone 8 Plus troubleshooting section. Here is a sharp reminder: press volume down, press volume up, press and hold the wake/sleep button and ready for the restart to happen.

Once your phone is back, apply your Bluetooth back on again via Settings -> Bluetooth.



2) Try forgetting the (un)paired device


If you still can’t pair to a specific device, try pairing with a different method. This will narrow down the obstacle to the said device. If you can successfully match to other devices, you should forget the questionable invention and try pairing again: Go to Settings.




> Bluetooth

Click the little “i” icon next to the obstacle device

Click “forget this device” (it’s the second choice from the top, just below “disconnect” and validate by tapping “forget device” at the back of your screen

Let your phone to find the device again, and try pairing



3) Reset network settings


If the two steps above didn’t solve your iPhone 8 Plus Bluetooth problems, you could try resetting your network settings. Skip forward to our detailed explanation below, under the “iPhone 8 Plus won’t connect to WiFi” section.



Of all come iPhone 8 Plus problems, the swelling battery is the most buzzed about (though probably the least widespread). Some reports have surfaced worldwide that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus batteries tend to swell up. This makes the phone to split, detaching the screen from the back, and preparing for great footage.

Apple has stated they are informed of the swelling battery rumors but have yet to deny or confirm. If you are experiencing the iPhone 8 swelling battery appearance, we urge you to contact Apple support. While you are setting for your replacement handset, you can upload a video of your swollen iPhone 8, add some music and play with similar videos online.



Different generally reported trouble is when your iPhone 8 won’t connect to WiFi. At Rocketfix, we have accumulated several iPhone 8 Plus WiFi connectivity complaints. The most common WiFi related iPhone 8 problems are: not being able to connect to a WiFi network, WiFi connection keeps dropping, slow speed over a WiFi connection and repeatedly getting the “incorrect password” information. Here is how to fix iPhone 8 Plus connectivity issues:


-First, check that the WiFi network is working. You can use a separate device for this. If you’re sure the problem isn’t the WiFi, the router or the system itself, keep going through this list.

-Install the latest iOS update (see “iPhone 8 Plus update problems” above).

Force restart your iPhone 8 Plus (see above).

-Try forgetting the troublesome network: go to Settings -> WiFi. Tap on “forget this network” and confirm. Find the said network again and try connecting from scratch.

-If all else fails, skip to Reset network settings.



Note: resetting your network settings may make your iPhone 8 Bluetooth or WiFi problems, so it is worth a try. However, it will liquidate all of your network settings such as WiFi passwords, connected Bluetooth devices, VPN settings and such.



Therefore be sure to use this as your (almost) last hope. It may not be as far as resetting the entire device to factory settings and other harsh measures, but it does cause network data loss.





-Go to Settings -> General

-Tap “Reset” and then choose “Reset Network Settings.”

-You will be asked to register your password and confirm again

-Try connecting to the desired WiFi network or Bluetooth device once more.


The iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8  are top-of-the-line handsets, and we at Rocketfix enjoy servicing them. The most common iPhone 8 problem is one that can’t be solved with buttons and software update – it’s a cracked iPhone 8 screen. Though Apple states the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is made with “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone,” the evidence that both back and front are made of this durable glass set the iPhone 8 at a higher risk of smashing.


Whether your iPhone 8 fell and you broke your iPhone 8 screen or back, or you require help with any other number of iPhone 8 problems, book a phone replacement session, and we’ll meet you and your phone wherever is most comfortable for you. Better yet, sign up on our page and contact for more.

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