While the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 were announced beside the higher-end iPhone X, they got less attention. Both iPhone 8 models were merely seen as the natural followers of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, while X marked the future. Regarding design, the glass back was the only meaningful differentiator between periods 7 and 8. Read for more about iPhone 8 Repair in Los Angeles.


The iPhone X, in opposition, was greeted with awe for its edge-to-edge display, Face ID, and other unusual traits. The fact of the thing is, however, that the iPhone 8 parts most of its internal hardware with the iPhone X. iPhone 8, for, perform considerably better than its ancestors, with higher processing capabilities, better cameras, and wireless charging. The iPhone 8 is not free of difficulties. Here is our iPhone 8 troubleshooting guide to help you with the most popular iPhone 8 issues.


iPhone 8 troubleshooting first steps – reboot iPhone 8

Before using any iPhone 8 troubleshooting opinions, you should always try to restart your iPhone 8. Before we get into fast iPhone 8 fixes and step-by-step advice for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, let’s start with the basics. To restart your iPhone 8, turn it off and then turn it back on again. This reboot is the essential iPhone 8 troubleshoot and is still performed in the same manner as with the former Apple iPhones.



iPhone 8 restarting is more than satisfies the eye.


Turn it off: Press and keep the power button (wake/sleep) until you see the “slide to power off”switch. Slide it and wait a few moments. The power button position has not changed.


Turn it on: Push the power button over and hold it down until you see the Apple logo appear.



It’s good training to perform an iPhone 8 reboot from time to time. It provides your phone a fresh start and assists with battery drainage from apps running in the background.


Keep calm and reboot: the all-new iPhone 8 forced soft reset/reboot.


Force-rebooting the iPhone 8 is done separately from earlier models. If you press and hold the volume down the + power button as you would for a forced iPhone 7 reboot, you’d be triggering the “Emergency SOS” feature which can be pretty alarming. iPhone 8 Repair in Los Angeles. Keep holding those two switches for 5 seconds, and your phone will start making loud sounds while automatically contacting 911.


Do not scare your neighbors just because you don’t know how to reboot your iPhone 8.


Instead, follow these guidelines:


  • Push volume up +
  • Push volume down –
  • Hold power (sleep/wake) button. This may take several seconds (around 10), so be patient
  • Your screen should go black
  • Keep holding the power button unto the Apple icon resembles.
  • Compliments! You should reach the unlock screen, and you have completed an iPhone 8 forced reboot.



If your iPhone 8 won’t turn on, watch this iPhone 8 troubleshoot:


1) Charge your battery. Leave the wireless charging cover for now, and connect a standard cord charger so you can pinpoint the difficulty. If the charging icon looks, and the battery level is catastrophic, you are on the right path. iPhone 8 Repair in Los Angeles. Wait for your phone to charge and then turn it on.


2) If your charging efforts were unsuccessful, your charger might be malfunctioning. Find a working charger by using one that is shown to be working on a separate phone.


3) If your charger is working and your iPhone 8 is charged, but you still can not turn it on – contact your carrier, Apple support or Rocketfix support. Unless your iPhone 8 suffered a traumatic fall or blow, it is surprising to find that your iPhone 8 won’t turn on, primarily because it’s such a young device.



1) You must be signed in with your Apple ID to purchase the applications. To sign in, go to Settings, and you will see at the message at the top of the screen saying “Sign in to your iPhone.” Click it and follow the directions.


2) If you are already signed in, and you are trying to download a paid app, your iPhone 8 is using your Apple ID to purchase it. If your payment information is not up-to-date, renew it. You can log in from a strange device to upgrade your Apple ID and then try again.


3) Make sure you are connected to WiFi.


4) You could be out of storage space, which is quite strange considering that basic iPhone 8/8 Plus models come with 64 GB. However, if you are inspired to do so, you must make space for new apps. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are provided towards augmented reality use, and some AR apps use considerable storage space.




Several customers have reported an iPhone 8 black screen issue. They describe a phone that looks dead apart from the loading circle that keeps spinning. Here are a few tips for iPhone 8 troubleshooting: black screen stuck on the loader icon.


Try to force reboot iPhone 8.

If you are still held, do not be tempted to download third-party apps and programs from unknown causes that ensure they tackle iPhone 8 troubleshooting black screen. Given the fact that this is a modern phone, you may want to contact Apple support or make an assignment with one of our expert Rocketfix technicians.

If your iPhone 8 is stuck in a restart loop, and you’d instead go at it yourself, you will need to enter recovery mode, DFU mode or reset iPhone 8 to factory settings. Some of these will cause you to lose personal information and files from your iPhone. Read our excellent iPhone 8 problems and solutions, iPhone 8 Repair in Los Angeles for further parts.


The iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8 don’t get much recognition compared to the flashy, futuristic iPhone X. The fact of the matter is, however, that the iPhone 8 is one of the most excellent and most excellent smartphones of our time. Yes, it is likely to screen damage given the evidence that both its sides are glass, but that’s a fundamental evil that comes with the awe of wireless charging.


Luckily, whatever goes opposite with your iPhone 8, you can trust our Rocketfix technicians to give it all the care and attention it needs. Book a technician to enjoy our fast phone repair service anywhere, anytime.

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