If you are already an iPhone X user, you know that having the device can be both a good and a scourge. Apple’s iPhone X is packed with features and extras – the likes of which have never been seen before. iPhone X’s problems manage to range from your smartphone’s facial description not working to an unresponsive touchscreen. One of the most obvious questions that happen is broken glass. Broken screens on an iPhone X  are more common because the phone is often comprised of a screen. Therefore there is more glass covering the exterior area of the device.

For screen smacks, you may be covered under an AppleCare Warranty, so it is best to reduce. If the guarantee is expired, program a repair with Rocketfix, and we will fix your shattered screen, today.

Apple created this ultra-powerful machine, which is not entirely fool-proof. But that’s ok. We want to prepare you for any following screen issues you may struggle, and help you with how to fix them along the process.




Restarting the iPhone X is a bit contradictory to earlier iPhones because there’s no home button.


  1. Press and hold the Rear key and both volume button until the Slide to power off slider appears
  2. Drag the slider to turn off
  3. To switch on, press and hold the wake/sleep key until you see the Apple logo


If you have mega problems with iPhone X then force restart it like this:


  1. Short press the Volume Up button.
  2. Quick press the Volume Down button
  3. Press and hold the Rear key until the Apple logo appears on the screen


You can also try and press the wake/sleep button for up to 30 seconds to restart – again until you perceive the Apple logo appears.




Regarding lagging, frozen, or just plain unresponsive screens, it can come from some circumstances. For one, you could have too many apps running in the background. Nine times out of ten, lagging is a direct consequence of a lack of storage space on your Apple device.


Your screen certainly won’t wait on you to ask it to freeze; it’ll do it on its own. This means it could happen in the middle of an urgent business phone call. In the same vein, it could just as easily happen while restarting your device.


So how do you fix it? If you haven’t yet updated your iOS update version 11.1.2., you should do so immediately. You problems will probably be set in a jiffy. The bug creating this issue was officially released with this update.


You can perform a hard reset if the software update does not work. To do this, you should:



  1. Press and quickly release the ‘volume up’ button.
  2. Next, press and quickly release the ‘volume down’ button.
  3. Last, press and hold the side power button until the Apple logo appears.


Try also, rebooting your phone in recovery mode.




You can use Apple’s facial ID in a lot of surprising ways with the iPhone X. For beginners, users can make personalized emojis, log into their phone, as well as different functions using just one’s face. To guarantee that you can make use of the facial recognition feature without glitches, try these fast fixes:



  1. Turn on/off your phone’s facial ID: Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Use Face ID > Disable iPhone Unlock. You’ll turn off your iPhone then go back to Settings and re-enable iPhone unlock.
  2. Reset your face ID: Settings > Face ID & Passcode Reset Face ID.
  3. Reset All Settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.




Have you ever seen a green line appear on your phone’s screen? If so, there is not much that can be made, but Apple is replacing all of the smartphones changed by this mysterious green line.




The iPhone X sometimes seems to have a mind of its own. In situations like this, you might be trying to drive, and your screen goes black. In other cases, your phone is unresponsive after long periods of inactivity (i.e., after a night’s sleep).

If you can tell that your phone is still on because it is getting a sound or you take a screenshot to listen for the cover sound it makes, the easy solution to this is a force restart. Another could be charging the device. This should occur if you cannot hear anything or the iPhone is showing no signs of having juice.

Can’t seem to catch a break? We have one final suggestion for a malfunctioning iPhone X screen – turn to Rocketfix!


We will repair your iPhone X with care, and our professional technicians come directly to you.


Thinking about making the switch to iPhone X? You should do your homework and understand if it’s worth making the switch.

Source https://www.rocketfix.com

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