The world had, in the past, been singing almost every day about how some business operations are impacting negatively on the environment. Though some of the cries were listened to, the battle is still on. There are still businesses that cause a lot of environmental damage but do not see the need for any measures to be taken. Those businesses should consider environmental initiatives that will help not just its customers, but the entire environment. Businesses should begin to realize that things are not just about profit making anymore. The three pillars of sustainability including social, environmental and economic now play an important role in the survival of businesses.


The new paradigm is now about creating value for customers, creating value for shareholders, and creating value for the environment. These are the things that move companies ahead. It is time to ensure that as a business, you contribute your quota towards making society better, especially for the coming generation. The old thinking that spending your financial resources on environmental issues will reduce your business earnings is no more. Rather, environmental initiatives would help you get more customers because as consumers, they are more inclined to companies that do not just produce for them, but ensure that their long-term survival in the environment they live, is catered for.

How to merge for environmental friendliness initiatives

For most companies, it is good to undertake eco-friendly measures. However, most of the eco-friendly initiatives seem to have huge financial outlays that one company does not see it prudent to handle alone. For instance, the use of solar energy instead of hydro or chemically generated energy, a reduction in a company’s carbon pollution by using environmentally friendly machines all come at a huge cost.

The best thing to do is to come together as companies and undertake a mutual environmental friendly initiative that will help your business and the environment. Sometimes, these initiatives might be suitable only for companies in the same proximity. These companies could come together to buy one solar plant, contribute for a chemical-free air and a lot of other things. This is how cost can be reduced and since two companies are coming together for this, it could mean a better environmental policy as a result of the resource pulling. This has the potential of creating strong and environmentally friendly policies that will stand the test of time.


One other way businesses could come together for environmental initiatives is through waste management. Businesses, especially those in the same area could come together to devise means of processing their waste products even at best, decide on how to make their by-products useful to the same environment. These are decisions that require huge costs and so it is always advisable to merge and produce the maximum benefits to the environment.

Whatever your line of business is, if you consider environmental friendly policies costly, it is good to join hands with another business to help the environment rather than sitting idle and doing nothing. The ultimate reason why most industries fail in their environmental policies is as a result of low financial obligations towards these policies. It is, therefore, prudent to merge and make the society a better place.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have some interest in green energy, whether you want to make your business greener or simply want to reduce your own personal carbon footprint. That’s great! You’ve come to the right place. In my daily life, I try to always be cognizant of how my activities are effecting the environment

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