Are you making recyclable products? Are you using LED lights? Do you always encourage your employees to make use of carpool to work? If you are a business that does these things, it means you are eco-friendly. Remember, however, that at simple as you might see it, marketing your business brand (thus green marketing) as a company that is eco-friendly does not come easy. There is more to environmental friendliness than just being conscious of the environment or telling a few employees to put up an eco-friendly behavior.


Though green marketing has grown to become a big field and companies are now finding ways of making their eco-friendly policies known, a lot of businesses still finds it difficult to market their environmental consciousness initiatives to customers.Thus, without proper marketing, consumers might not be able to identify your business’s contribution to the environment. Green marketing is not just about promoting how green you are as a business, it is also about making conscious efforts to ensure that policies are kept in place to implement whatever campaign is kept out there. Let’s find out how you can promote your business’s environmental friendliness.

Make decisions from the viewpoint of the customer

Though marketing your business as eco-friendly is a great idea and an initiative to take, you should ensure that just as you undertake your normal marketing initiatives towards enticing your customers, ensure that your eco-friendly marketing campaign is geared towards convincing the customer. Try to convince the customer about your initiative and how it will help make the world a better place. Just as the customer is considered a king I business, your eco-friendly marketing campaign should consider the customer as the alpha and omega.

Let your customers know what being green means to your brand

Being green or eco-friendly has different meanings for different companies, just as each company’s policies also has different meanings for different businesses. You should be able to tell your customers what green means to your business. For instance, your ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendliness’ might mean a reduction in carbon footprints as a result of the change in factory plants. Your green could also be the use of an alternative source of energy such as solar panels to power business machines instead of hydroelectricity. Thus, green, has its own uniqueness to the type of business operated.


Add some action

Just marketing your business as eco-friendly does really make you one. Customers would like to see some examples of your work before they will trust you. Thus, behind the marketing campaign, there has to be something of action behind. And please, going green does not mean adding green leaves into your business logo.

Make sure to practice what you preach

Since everything about your business can be searched and found online, one thing you should keep in touch is transparency. Therefore, if you decide as a business to market yourself as eco-friendly, then make sure that you live by example through making your daily business activities green as well.

Be socially responsible

Whiles you market yourself as a green environment advocate, you should ensure that you do a little social responsibility towards the community you approach. This is a great way of getting more customers’ attention and bringing in new customers.

If you decide to go eco-friendly, equally make sure that you have a strong marketing plan crafted for your green strategy that will give your customers information about your strategy.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably have some interest in green energy, whether you want to make your business greener or simply want to reduce your own personal carbon footprint. That’s great! You’ve come to the right place. In my daily life, I try to always be cognizant of how my activities are effecting the environment

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